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Stewart Moss is a man who has it all. "I'm very fortunate in my life, and I know it," he says sincerely. Moss's career is one that has allowed him to utilize his many talents, from acting, directing, and producing, to writing for both stage and film. Crowning his career success is a 30-year marriage to his best friend and partner, Marianne McAndrew, who is an actress as well.

"I had been in Hollywood about five years when I met Marianne," Moss recalled with a smile. "I was enjoying life as a bachelor, and was working hard on my acting career. I had no plans of settling down at the time." Apparently fate decided to give him a nudge.

One evening when Moss was spending the night at home, the phone rang. His press agent was calling to invite Stewart over, remarking that there was an attractive young actress new to Hollywood in his living room, who he felt Moss should meet. Stewart at first declined, but after a little convincing from his friend, decided to go see her for himself. "Wow," he said, "He wasn't kidding. She was a knockout." The attraction was mutual, and the young couple quickly became serious. Within a year they were married. To hear him talk about Marianne, it's clear that Stewart's admiration of his wife has grown steadily over the course of time.

It's no surprise that family values would come naturally to Moss. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois to an Irish father and an Italian mother, his upbringing was traditional. The oldest of four children, Stewart also has scores of first cousins. "My grandfather was a Chicago policeman shortly after the turn of the century. My father was a policeman during the Capone days and ended his career as Chief of Intelligence," he said. "His four brothers were policemen too. Kid brother, uncles, cousins…lots of cops. I come from what was in its time the largest police family in the world."

Stewart's youth in the Chicago of the forties and fifties, was as American as a Rockwell painting. He attended St. John Bosco elementary school, and went on to St. Ignatius College Prep, graduating with honors in 1955. He was active in Boy Scouts, and made Eagle Scout before his 15th birthday. In high school Moss lettered in track and swimming, was a member of the student council, cartoonist and writer for the school journal, and was also photographer for the school newspaper. It was at St. Ignatius that Moss acted in his first play. "I remember thinking how great it would be to make a living doing this," he said. "I had never done anything as exciting."

When Stewart told his father that he wanted to study acting at Marquette University, Mr. Moss reacted as many fathers of his era would have. He resisted, telling Stewart that if he did not study law as he was expected to, that Moss would have to fund his own college education. Not one to be deterred, Stewart worked summers for Coca Cola as route salesman for the last two years of his high school career, saving toward his education. "Dad was pretty upset for a while, but it passed. He had always been supportive, and let me know that he was proud. Especially after I played a cop on television," Moss said fondly.

After graduating from Marquette University, Stewart went on to spend a year at Yale University Drama School in New Haven, Connecticut, attending that institution on a full scholarship.

It's this kind of focus and drive that has kept Stewart Moss on a steady course in show business. Because of his diverse talents, he is able to find work in any area of a production. When asked what he most enjoyed, Moss found it difficult to say, but his reply made it clear that regardless of whether he worked in front of the camera or behind it, he had given much thought to the requirements of his various jobs. "For me acting isn't work, it's fun," he said, "and musicals are a LOT of fun." When questioned whether he preferred stage or film, Stewart replied, "They are both so different that there's no real comparison. But I do prefer comedy roles, although I believe that comedy is probably the hardest kind of acting. " Continuing the conversation, Moss went on to say, "Directing is a power trip, you get to involve yourself in so many areas of a production; but writing is probably the purest of all the work I do. With writing it's just you and the paper. There's a lot of satisfaction to that form of creativity."

Stewart's creativity doesn't end at his show business work. He's a talented photographer and artist. "I seriously considered painting as a career option at one point," he commented,"But acting won out, so these days I paint for pleasure.

As ironic as it may seem for a person who makes his living performing, Moss prefers one on one conversations, and avoids crowds whenever he can. He and Marianne have a love of the outdoors, and one activity that they especially enjoy is backpacking. "Marianne is a beautiful sophisticated woman, but she can put 35 pounds on her back and keep up with me," he says with pride. "On a hiking trip to the Catalinas, we heard some noises outside our tent. When we looked out, we discovered that a herd of buffalo had moved into the area and were all around us!"

One experience that Stewart also looks forward to is attending autograph shows and meeting his fans. "My Star Trek photos are the biggest seller," he says. "Even though on first thought it might seem strange, there's something so American about having a whole family stop to visit, all dressed as Klingons. I mean, these folks are out together having a good time as a family. Mom and Dad might run a little restaurant 6 days of the week, and this is how they have fun together. It's great to see that, and I'm pleased that I can be a part of their day."

It's this ability to see the beauty in simple things that is Stewart Moss's greatest blessing, and his talent for doing so is the foundation of his creativity.

Upcoming Events

June 9 - 10  Durham, North Carolina at the Durham Marriott Hotel Convention Center.
Sept 9    Plano, Texas, Creation 35th Star Trek anniversary.
November 24 - 25 New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania

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